Allan Sam / Business Owner / Portfolio Investor


Citadel Real Estate

1633 Bayshore Hwy, Suite 126, Burlingame, CA 94010

Allan became a Realtor to do work that matters, is meaningful, helpful and impactful to his clients and friends! A lot of people don’t know that  he is a financial consultant and worked in many different realms to help clients succeed. Allan is a people person. Clients will tell you, “Allan travel to you and with you throughout your journey in searching for a home, he will help you accomplish your real estate goals and dream!” 


Allan has a clientele base that is wonderfully diverse, working in industries  ranging from education, finance, entertainment, business owners to non profits. 


Allan has obtained his licenses from way back and have been in the industry to seen many era’s. He is the real deal who knows how to break the ice and negotiate the optimal deals for his clients. 


What clients say they appreciate most about working with Allan is his patience, his undivided attention, his low-pressure approach with them yet tenacious demeanor on their behalf, his marketing and pricing skills, his commitment from the beginning to the end of the transaction and beyond, and lastly, his ability to not just listen but to comprehend what the client wants to accomplish.